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UBSO Shopify Partner

Subscription Maintenance Service - Basic

selling price price $8,000 Pricing $8,800 unit price  Every 

Best for small businesses that need reliable monthly Shopify expert support and want to save money on hiring developers.

Maintenance Period: One calendar month as the unit

  • Provide 6 hours of technical services per month

    • Technical support service hours can be used such as: monthly GA report analysis, GTM function development and modification, GA\Pixel tracking settings, Web Layout Adjustment
    • For Shopify related items, please refer to: . The service items are not limited to the descriptions on the above official website. For other technical support services, you can contact our customer service by LINE or Email at any time.
    • Six additional hours of service will be offered at a discounted price of $2,400.
  • The task is recorded in the task tracking system after the client submits it, and the evaluation company does not proceed until the client agrees.
  • Provide instant messaging support services and website-related consulting services.
  • If you have any questions about the project website, you will get a response within one business day. If there is a bug due to project development, it will be adjusted within one to three working days depending on the urgency


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