Is Shopify suitable for Taiwanese e-commerce? 2021 Taiwanese Brand Shopify Stores Successful Cases

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Shopify can be said to be the most popular online store opening platform in Europe, America, and even the world. Tesla has chosen Shopify to open stores! But it is not necessarily suitable for us. The brand of the e-commerce website in Taiwan is envious of the design and function of the Shopify website. Is Taiwan's supermarket pickup and home delivery logistics system perfect? Are there any Shopify experts in Taiwan who can help us develop our website?

If you are still waiting to see whether you should choose Shopify to open a store, this article will share 3 cases of well-known e-commerce brands in Taiwan Shopify Bringing you some useful references.

Well-known Taiwanese brandShopify store openingCase Rhino Shield RhinoShield official website

Rhino Shield is a brand of mobile phone accessories founded by a new team in Taiwan. Its anti-drop mobile phone case is famous all over the world.

In the name of high technology, breakthrough and innovation, the official website of Rhino Shield is like their mobile phone case, full of dazzling special effects, which makes people unable to take their eyes off it!

The most distinctive feature is definitely editing personalized products! After choosing your own devices and products, you can start the magical journey of personalized products. There are a wide variety of designs and templates to choose from, there are hot stamping text styles, and you can even upload your own pictures. All customized elements are just a click away. Presented in front of the eyes, who can not enjoy the fun of creating exclusive products like this?

The highly interactive effects of these fancy are not enough, you don't need to build your own website, you can achieve it by opening a store with Shopify!

Parts used by Rhino Shield official websiteShopify app: Klaviyo

Well-known Taiwanese brandsShopifyOpening a storeCases Bisou Bisou Store

bisou bisou store official website

Bisou Bisou Store is a Taiwanese fashion women's clothing brand that is very popular with young girls. It was established in 2014. There are also international official websites, which are sold all over the world. Today, the official international version of IG has captured 5.4 million fans!

The bilingual design of the website in both Chinese and English achieves a highly consistent experience, and the visual and interactive aspects of the Chinese and English versions are well coordinated.

bisou bisou store instagram feed

Bisou Bisou Store Embed IGbeautiful photos on the official website and embed the fashionable YouTube videos, enriching the content and experience of the entire website, making the page Not only the stacking of products, but also the transfer of brand value is quite good. Which girl can walk in Bisou Bisou Store ?

The website uses the ShopifyappInstafeed, which can embed IGposts, Putting a product label on the post allows customers to buy directly, which is a powerful tool to convert content into sales! One-click installation of the app can be applied to the website, and a free plan is available.

bisou bisou store member rewards

In addition, it is worth noting that the member feedback mechanism of Bisou Bisou Store is very eye-catching, and you can see the floating Rewards button in the lower left corner of the website, ” How to get and use B coins” is also presented in a simple and clear way, with a call to action button “Join now” on each instruction page, in this It seems quite convincing in the context.

E-commerce merchants all know that the repurchase rate is a very important indicator data. Retaining high-quality customers can create a certain percentage of overall revenue. Shopping bonuses and collection points are common and effective means to consolidate customers. But how to design the member feedback mechanism to be effective and have a good website experience? How to prevent the risk of attracting netizens who exploit loopholes? If you want to create, design, and develop it yourself, it's a big project.

shopify app data image

At this time, if there are ready-made tools to choose from, and a set of easy-to-use background management system is attached, then it should not be too perfect! Bisou Bisou Store is to choose the Shopify app Smile, this member feedback and loyalty mechanismapp after Thousands of e-commerce websites give an average of 4.7 stars, and one-click installation of the app can be applied to the website, and a free plan is provided

Whether you want to embed IG posts or limited-time updates, automatically update the content of IG, or establish an effective member feedback system, in The Shopify app store can find the right app to easily implement the functions for you, and can also customize it according to the unique needs of the website.

Bisou Bisou Store Parts used by the official websiteShopify app: Omnisend, Smile, Frequently Bought Together, Currency Converter, Announcement Bar, Instafeed

Well-known Taiwanese brandsShopifyOpening a storeCasesMaoup MAOUP

maoup official website

MaoqieFrom the beginning of the fan group to becoming the first pet care counter brand in Taiwan, the attention to the health of Maojiao and the heart has captured the hearts of countless shit shoveling officials. The Maoqie fan group has more than 23 million loyal fans.

Maoqi's official website uses various functions and is a mature e-commerce website. The store's content is rich and varied but not too cluttered, and the information is clearly structured, making it easy for users to find what they want.

maoup announcement countdown

The discount countdown is displayed in many places such as the bulletin board of the whole site to encourage customers to place orders as soon as possible.

Multiple floating interactive buttons on the right side of the whole site, including member point program, discount calculation, official notification, Messengerinstant message, these widgets can be downloaded from Shopify app store Find a useful application and install it directly on the website.

maoup product page

Sliding down the product page, you will find the product key information and add to shopping cart button fixed at the bottom. No matter where the user slides, they can add the product to the shopping cart at any time, increasing the conversion rate.


product page details part is embedded with a customized and interactive Q&A block, which is different from the rigid static text display. The text content can be expanded and collapsed at will, making it easier for users to find what they want to know. content to enhance the product browsing experience.

maoup taiwan cvs shipping

“Super Fetch” is the favorite way of online shopping and picking up by Taiwan netizens. Can Shopify do it? The localized cash flow and logistics that are most concerned by the e-commerce brands in the Taiwan market are not a problem! As long as you cooperate with relevant service providers, ShopifyGold logistics service support: credit card payment (VISA, MASTER, JCB), ATM transfer, credit card installment payment, electronic invoice, 7-11Pay with code at supermarket,Union Pay China UnionPay,7-11/Family/OKPay at supermarket , Super business pure pick-up without payment, home delivery, etc. For more details, you can contact usfor free consultation.

maoup payment

Parts used by Maoqi's official websiteShopify app: Omnisend, Announcement Bar, Taiwan Logistics Superstore Pickup Electronic Invoice

Why do they all chooseShopify

Many Taiwanese e-commerce brands will choose Shopline, 91APP and other mainstream online store opening platforms in Taiwan. The advantage is that opening a store is fast and easy. All aspects of the service have been done quite well, and there are also local customer service in Taiwan who can help solve the problem. However, a platform with a fast and easy process brings many limitations. There are not many choices of layouts, but it cannot be adjusted to the desired appearance, the program modification is very limited, and the additional functions are not perfect. All kinds of difficulties make e-commerce brands seek more suitable solutions for online store opening.

To summarize the reasons for 6, we recommend that Taiwanese e-commerce brands consider choosing Shopify to open a store:

  1. ShopifyPlans start at $29$ per month, from individuals to large businesses
  2. Shopify theme store provides a large number of beautifully designed theme / templates (Theme), and can also be adjusted to suit the needs of the brand. / function .
  3. Shopify app store provides a large number of applications, one-click installation on the website, all the functions you want, and appdeveloper7/24Customer service to assist in solving Problems, like your giant online development team, support your website operations.
  4. Highly free code modification, no longer limited by the platform framework for website development.
  5. ShopifyThe website loads fast and stable, so you can focus on more important things.
  6. A complete global e-commerce ecosystem with abundant resources, you can hire trustworthy freelancers through the Shopify expert platform to assist in opening a store. Shopifyalso provides various online courses related to the e-commerce field for merchants to learn and recharge by themselves

Shopify is the preferred store opening platform for global cross-border e-commerce. There are countless well-known brands in Europe and the United States that use Shopify to build official websites. However, with the development of the platform, Shopify For brands developing in Taiwan, services such as gold logistics connection and traditional Chinese support are becoming more and more perfect. Taiwanese brands such as Rhino Shield, Bisou Bisou Store, and Maoqi have already chosen Shopify to open their stores, which can be said to be ahead of schedule. If you see here, you have any questions about Shopify opening a store, or want to know more, pleasecontact usfor free consultation.

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