Web/browser performance common nouns

These terms are not limited to PageSpeed ​​Insights, Lighthouse and other web speed analysis tools are often seen. In TCP, UDP and TLS protocols, real-time streaming processing such as video conferencing, live broadcast and other technical research are very basic and commonly used rankings!

Common technical terms

Two different web rendering techniques

  1. CSR(client-side rendering): Rendering on the browser side. prone to slower LCP
  2. SSR (server-side rendering): Rendering on the server side. Faster LCP but faster TTFB

Nouns for each stage, roughly in chronological order

  1. REA(Request for Engineering Actions): The time when the user requested to browse the page
  2. TTFB(Time to First Byte): The duration from when the user sends an HTTP request to when the client browser receives the first byte of the page
  3. FCP(First Contentful Paint): The time when the browser renders the first element (DOM) after the user navigates to the page
  4. LCP (Largest Contentful Paint): Displays the time required for maximum content rendering, which can reflect the reading speed of the website
  5. FID (First Input Delay): refers to the time required for the user to interact with the web page. Such as clicks on links, buttons, or custom JavaScript controls, etc., reflect the relationship between website interaction experience and speed


  1. RTT(Round Trip Times): The time from the browser requesting data to getting the data
  2. TTL (Time To Live), refers to how much "time to live" a packet has when it passes through a router, in fact, how many times it can be forwarded and processed. When forwarding an ICMP packet, each router will decrease the TTL value of the IP Header by 1. If the TTL value has reached 0, it means that the TTL has expired, and then an error message will be sent to the original sending network device.

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