How will Google's announcement to expand its e-commerce business with Shopify affect e-commerce brands?

Google announced at this year's (2021) Google I/O conference that it is partnering with the online store platform Shopify to allow More than 17 million million merchants on Shopify reach consumers through Google search and other services.

Shopify merchants can expand their sales channels such as God's help

Source: Google (@Google) | Twitter

In Google Search, Maps, Images, Google Lens and YouTube, more than 1 billion billion occurrences per day Shopping journey, Shopify merchants can make their products appear in these services of Google with just a few clicks.

At present, it seems that this change should be that Shopify is connected to the Google Merchant Center API, allowing Shopify merchants to synchronize product information to the Google Shopping platform through simple settings, and it is automatically synchronized in real time. Although it is not a black technology, it will greatly benefit Shopify merchants to expand their sales channels.

Google Shopping Graph

Google promotesShopping Graph is a dynamic model enhanced with AI to understand constantly changing product, merchant, brand, review, inventory information, and the associations between these properties. With more than one billion purchases made every day on the Google platform, the Shopping Graph will better connect consumers and millions of merchants with more than 240 billion billion items.

Google Shopping Graph Comprehensive integration of shopping information from all parties, including various websites, price reviews, videos, and product data from various brands, can better let consumers know where to find products, Or where to sell it at a better price.

A smarter shopping scene anytime, anywhere

This is definitely big news for e-commerce brands and digital advertisers. The Google Shopping Graph spans the Google platforms, and when someone watches a video on YouTube or searches on Google , they can see the Google t51> Shopify Merchant's items are presented to them.

Open Google Lens, can directly search for related products photographed by mobile phones; when users view photos or screenshots in Google albums, they will See the automatic recommendation to use Google Lens to search for photos and find where to buy the items in the images.

YouTube takes on the shopping market

Earlier this year (2021) Google announced that YouTube was testing a new shopping feature that would allow users to watch YouTube Video purchases. YouTuber can add products to the video, and viewers who click the shopping bag button will see a list of the highlighted products, and then see the details of the product and purchase the product further.

In order to increase the number of merchants on the platform first, Google last year let merchants sell products on Google for free, which has increased the number of merchants on Google 80%, most of which are from SMEs. This is where the Google and Shopify partnership comes in, and Shopify merchants can take advantage of this and easily list their products on Google platform.

Actually, Facebook and TikTok already have the function of adding product tags to their content, and Shopify and Facebook and TikTok are well integrated. Currently, overseas Shopify merchants most like to advertise under Facebook and TikTok . Now I finally see that Google is also making big moves to expand scene e-commerce and content e-commerce, which is another powerful advantage for Shopify merchants.

We can't wait to see Google and Shopify cooperate to bring unlimited traffic benefits to the vast number of e-commerce brands. Are you ready?

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