Key Sharing Package: 2021 Taiwanese Enterprise Cross-border Key Report Presentation - Google Article

Taiwantrade x Google On September 9th, the presentation of key cross-border reports of Taiwanese companies was held online. Those who didn't participate or didn't have time to watch the whole process don't mind. We shared the wonderful insights of the day with key words, hoping to make you gain something.

Live replay of the conference

The overall situation of Taiwan's exports and online sales is optimistic

2021 年國際市場可望復甦 - 台灣企業跨境關鍵報告

Jane Li, Vice President of Google Taiwan and Hong Kong Channel Business, shared that from this year's GDP growth forecast, the economic trends of countries around the world in 2021 have already recovered, including the United States, the United Kingdom and other major economies have begun to grow.

台灣出口體質強健 - 台灣企業跨境關鍵報告

Taiwan itself has a very strong export momentum. The total export growth rate from 2021 to September will reach 24%. To sum up, Taiwan's recent opportunities to develop export trade are bright.

台灣電子商務成長快速 - 台灣企業跨境關鍵報告

Taiwan's e-commerce is growing rapidly. In 2019, The annual growth rate of online sales is 7.4%, which is higher than Taiwan's overall GDP growth rate of 3%. Breaking down the sales targets, it can be found that in Taiwan's overall e-commerce sales in 2019, as much as 3.6 trillion was contributed by B2B suppliers, of which the manufacturing industry accounted for the largest; on the other hand, the online sales of B2C merchants was 0.72 mega, that is, More than 80% of Taiwan's e-commerce sales come from the B2B industry.

疫情加速商務溝通移往線上 - 台灣企業跨境關鍵報告

The COVID-19 epidemic has made video conferences and online exhibitions booming, driving the transaction volume of customers placing orders on supplier websites. Gartner estimates that by 2025, Up to 80% of B2B supplier-customer transactions take place online.

Jane also emphasized that, driven by the epidemic, Enterprises are not thinking about whether to go to digital transformation, but thinking about how to accelerate digital transformation.

Taiwan Enterprise Cross-border Key Report 3.0

B2B 電子商務為全球趨勢 - 台灣企業跨境關鍵報告

Google consultant Jim Liu shared that B2B e-commerce is a global trend. It is predicted that by 2027, the global B2B e-commerce GMV (total transaction value) will grow to $21 trillion at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 7%. Taiwan's e-commerce sales are significantly higher than the economic growth rate, and B2B is the bulk, showing that Taiwan's B2B e-commerce market has a huge room for growth.

Cross-border business formats and trends of Taiwan B2B enterprises

Enterprises accelerate the use of digital sales and marketing, and make good use of digital tools to achieve business goals

台灣 B2B 跨境企業類型 - 台灣企業跨境關鍵報告

95% of Taiwan's "pure B2B cross-border enterprises" are manufacturing, and the product features are mainly based on high unit price and customization. In contrast, the sales targets of "Hybrid B2B Cross-border Enterprises" include both enterprises and general consumers, and the product features are mainly low unit price and standardization.

B2B 跨境企業首要挑戰 - 台灣企業跨境關鍵報告

These companies encounter the primary challenges cross-border, mainly product power/price competition, difficulty in reaching more or more valuable potential customers, and many companies face lack of understanding of local markets or customers, lack of local resources, talent recruitment and management difficulty.

Global epidemic affects B2B cross-border sales performance

疫情影響 B2B 跨境銷售表現 - 台灣企業跨境關鍵報告

The epidemic has caused sales of about half of the listed companies to decline in 2020, but nearly 50% of the companies remain optimistic about their sales performance in 2021, are expected to grow, and have organized expansion plans.

實體展會轉往線上 - 台灣企業跨境關鍵報告

After the outbreak of the epidemic in early 2020, companies have reduced or stopped holding physical exhibitions. The global Google keyword search volume for "online exhibitions" has surged 6.5 times. The COVID-19 situation has accelerated the use of online sales channels. More than 20% of Taiwan's B2B cross-border enterprises have started to operate official websites or official e-commerce platforms after the epidemic , more than 10% of enterprises have joined the three-party comprehensive e-commerce platform, and about a quarter of enterprises have started to operate online exhibitions.

多元數位銷售管道能解決不同商業目標 - 台灣企業跨境關鍵報告

In order to achieve different business goals, B2B suppliers use different digital sales channels, among which the official website can be said to be a must, Because the official website can convey a professional image; provide complete products or services; can master more complete customer information, so it is easy to build a sense of trust, the repurchase rate is high, and the price can be relatively high without price wars.

If you need to build an e-commerce official website, or rebuild/optimize the official website to accelerate cross-border sales growth, please contact UBSO ECommerce. We focus on the design and development services of cross-border e-commerce official websites, and are committed to helping Taiwanese companies go global. Welcome to click the chat button in the lower right corner and contact us immediately!

Make good use of marketing tools, in addition to diversion can also bring added value

Operate your own content (For example, writing blog articles, publishing high-quality videos, etc.) can enhance brand image and brand awareness, build long-term relationships with customers, and increase repurchase. Paid advertising can help generate lead lists, increase sales conversions, and increase brand awareness. Real-time interactive tools can provide customized experience and communication, and collect customer data.

跨境企業分群 - 台灣企業跨境關鍵報告

According to the degree of digitalization, 40% of Taiwan's B2B cross-border enterprises are still in the traditional stage, that is, the digital sales channels, digital marketing channels, data processing level, and data analysis tools integration level are relatively immature.

數位銷售管道能拓展新的海外客源 - 台灣企業跨境關鍵報告

Regardless of the digital level, traditional, growing or mature B2B cross-border companies almost all use their own independent e-commerce websites, plus traditional businesses, as the main sales channel, of which customers from the company's own e-commerce platform account for ratio is as high as about one-third, that is, One out of every three customers of the company comes from the official website , which once again reflects the necessity and high efficiency of operating your own e-commerce website.

If you need to build an e-commerce official website, or rebuild/optimize the official website to accelerate cross-border sales growth, please contact UBSO ECommerce. We focus on the design and development services of cross-border e-commerce official websites, and are committed to helping Taiwanese companies go global. Welcome to click the chat button in the lower right corner and contact us immediately!

Effectively reaching customers and lack of talent are the main pain points of running your own e-commerce website

Up to about 30% of enterprises believe that the pain point of operating an official website is that it is difficult to effectively reach customers and lack of talents to operate an official website

Indeed, these two problems require professional digital talents to achieve greater benefits for the company. UBSO ECommerce will recommend that, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, must cultivate at least one or several digital talents. The most efficient and time-saving way for developers or designers is to cooperate with professional website development service providers, that is, outsource the work of website design and development to a professional team. In this way, small and medium-sized enterprises only need to have a few digital talents who can grasp the general direction of the company's online channel sales, and it is easier to develop more business opportunities in the complex multi-channel operation of the Internet market.

In terms of digital marketing, it is worth noting that mature companies are more focused on operating their own content and organic traffic.

成熟企業更注重經營自有內容與自然流量 - 台灣企業跨境關鍵報告

As the scale of operations increases, in addition to paid advertising, companies will also prepare more budgets to operate their own content and online activities to build long-term brand equity.

In terms of the depth of data analysis and processing, all types of enterprises still have room for improvement

30% of traditional enterprises have little access to data analysis tools; even growing and mature enterprises still have room for improvement in the use of solutions for database establishment, customer data platform and data security management.

多數企業資料工具整合度偏低,以致成效不易衡量 - 台灣企業跨境關鍵報告

In addition, most enterprise data tools are poorly integrated, making it difficult to measure their effectiveness.

Taiwan B2B Enterprise Intelligence Cross-border Development Blueprint

Frank Liu, Google Taiwan Business Associate, shared that, looking at the evolution of B2B companies entering new markets, they first need to meet basic operational needs, then establish brand differentiation, and gradually become a market leader by making profits.

Frank also suggested that exporters should take advantage of the high reach and efficiency of digital tools to achieve goals at all stages and effectively expand their revenue scale.

The traditional type, growth type, mature type, and hybrid type mentioned above are just the process of enterprise development, and there is no need to become a type after a few years of operation. If you want to know more, you can download it for free 2021 Taiwanese Enterprise Cross-border Key Report .

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